1st Annual Convening

January – February 2014
Albuquerque, New Mexico.

After 5 years of planning the Board Members of Color and Indigenous People met for their inaugural annual convening at the Tamaya Resort. In attendance were 22 board members representing 21 environmental organizations. A workplan to build power for the environmental and conservation movement was created to: leverage our knowledge: compile and share best practices for board leadership on diversity and inclusion; disseminate this as a resource to the movement through the year; build the pipeline of people of color, sector-wide; and proactively communicate in ways that engender greater and more diverse adhesion to and participation in our movement.

February 2015
Washington, DC

The second annual convening gathered 30 board members from 20 member organizations at the Hotel Palomar. This represented a 50% growth in attendance from the first annual convening,with over half of all board members of color and indigenous people from the member organizations as officially part of our network.

2nd Annual Convening

3rd Annual Convening

March 2016
Washington, DC

The Hotel Palomar once again hosted our annual convening with 21 board members from 17 member organizations. A highlight of this event was the Board Chair and CEO joint work session with a dozen Green Group CEOs in attendance. We provided updates to our Best Practices Library; launched our new website; shared our participation CHCI and CBC engagement for divestment against dirty oil; and initiated conversations for a program on Board Member recruitment and Senior Staff pipeline.

March 2017
Washington, DC

Our fourth annual convening assembled 26 board members from 21 organizations. This year’s meeting served as an opportunity to introduce our network’s new strategic plan. In our next phase of work, Green Leadership Trust aims to influence equity in the organizations we serve, build the skill and capacity of our members, and grow our network with an increased membership.

4th Annual Convening

5th Annual Convening

April 2018
Puerto  Rico

Green Leadership Trust held it’s fifth annual convening in Puerto Rico near El Yunque National Forest. Moved by the crisis facing Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, we chose this location because it is a humanitarian crisis happening on our watch with serious and long-lasting environmental consequences. Our time in Puerto Rico was an opportunity to learn directly from leaders on the ground, support their efforts, and advance equity for a better environmental movement. In attendance were 25 board members representing 29 organizations. Recruitment of new members was a top goal for moving the retreat from DC to Puerto Rico, and we were very successful as almost 30% were first-time retreat participants and we acquired 4 entirely new members directly from retreat recruitment.

From May 2019
Durham, NC

We gathered in the home state of the environmental justice movement, a state which even today is actively confronting the widespread issue of gerrymandering and while dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

Board members from 33 different national and local environmental organizations spent 3 days discussing how to drive equity-based agendas on our boards and develop a strategy for evaluating the highest level of leadership. We’ve also continued to bring in new members to the retreat with 20% of attendees being first time retreat participants.

6th Annual Convening

7th Annual Convening

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